jeudi 5 mars 2015

Conversation stratégique du 22 janvier 2015 - Manuel Tarrazo.

Manuel Tarrazo, de l'Université de San Francisco a présenté le développement de l'économie de la Silicon Valley et plus largement le dynamisme de toute la région autour de San Francisco.

Voici une brève retranscription de la conversation en anglais :

Professor Manuel Tarrazo from the University of San Francisco, made a presentation about the development of Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area economy, bringing his own, special double perspective as a  Californian and as a European.

He explained how the San Francisco Bay Area has managed to produce the ideal conditions for Silicon Valley to appear. Universities and entrepreneurial firms have complemented each other as the main factors of growth; universities have acted as technology generators and firms have been successful in taking scientific developments to the market place. Stanford University, for instance, has created a unique kind of alchemy between research and business. Professor Tarrazo also explained how this specific atmosphere filled with investors and innovative technologies has created the modern start-up economy and has increased the number of jobs in the rest of the economy as well.

The Internet keeps stimulating the creation of new ventures and networks of all types, thus helping the San Francisco Bay Area economy remain strong and very competitive. Furthermore, by connecting investors, innovators, and professionals, the Internet lets people choose how they would like to participate in the economy.

As he explained us, Silicon Valley had perfectly accomplished the transition between what we call a traditional economy and the start-up economy, which is viewed as a stronger model for the future. Today, Silicon Valley, and more generally the west coast of the United States, continues to attract attention and generate start-ups from the entire world, as demonstrated during the last CES in Las Vegas, which included more than 120 French start-ups.

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